The RAHMAN Theory

Have you ever heard of the RAHMAN theory? According to this so-called theory, the first six prime ministers of Malaysia will be in the order of the first prime minister’s name, as follows:

  • Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj
  • Tun Abdul Razak
  • Tun Hussein Onn
  • Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad
  • Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
  • Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak?

Or, if events are to follow a certain individual’s plan, would it become the RAHMAT theory instead? The rumour is strong enough for a specific denial to be issued … :)

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  1. T – as for Tengku Razaleigh? Hmmm.. Interesting…

  2. Intriguing. Are all these just a coincidence? Quite spooky. Who ever thought up such a theory.

  3. @nazham… pangkat cannot count la…
    if razaleigh.. should become R A H M A R

    but i want najib to become PM (even for one day)… for the sake of R A H M A N theory.. :D i think this theory is cool.

    after that we can roll out ABD RAZAK theory pulak, whose next after najib? ( im thinking of Ady romantika but he’s not a politician) is there any good politician out there with name starting with ‘A’ ?

  4. Ady Romantika?? Hahaha… that’s a good one. A- what about Anwar Ibrahim ?? Hmmm….

  5. Anuar Ibrahim…errr…i don’t want that guy to be my PM…

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