How to Stream Movies to your iPhone or iPad

I have just found a way to successfully stream movies (avi, mkv, mp4, etc) to my iPhone. It’s via an app called AirPlayer.

First, set up a media server on your home network (for example, PS3 Media Server, like what I have explained in my previous post, “How To Share Media Between PlayStation 3 and Linux”). Then, just access your movies through the AirPlayer app. Everything just works, without much setting or config changes.

Pros and Cons of a Mac (Humor)

Found this gem the other day:

What are the pros and cons of owning a Mac?

Pros: A stable operating system that does not require expensive antivirus programs to continue running properly, easier to use than Linux (yes, it is, sorry Ubuntu fanboys I use both on a regular basis and the Mac causes far fewer headaches).

Cons: Price, being called gay on reddit.

(Source: Reddit)

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