How to Stream Movies to your iPhone or iPad

I have just found a way to successfully stream movies (avi, mkv, mp4, etc) to my iPhone. It’s via an app called AirPlayer. First, set up a media server on your home network (for example, PS3 Media Server, like what I have explained in my previous post, “How To Share Media Between PlayStation 3 and …

How to Queue Torrents in Transmission

Currently there’s no queue features in Transmission. Luckily we can improvise this with the help of transmission-remote, a command based client for transmission, and along with some Linux bash scripting. Below I have created a simple bash script: 1. Install transmission remote: sudo apt-get install transmission-cli 2. Copy the script below, and save as my_script_name.sh …

How To Share Media Between PlayStation 3 and Linux

A while ago I have posted on How To Share Media Between XBOX 360 and Linux. It also can be as easy with PlayStation 3 and Linux, with PS3 Media Server. Below are the steps that can let you achieve that. Install┬ánecessary codex or media player: sudo apt-get install vlc ffmpeg mencoder mplayer Install Sun …

Playing 1080p Video in Ubuntu Without Lag

Playing 1080p Video in Ubuntu Without Lag

How to Check for Open Ports in Ubuntu

There are various ways to view for open ports on your local Ubuntu/Linux machine. However, I particularly prefer two methods/command below, since it is simple, and without any third-party application.

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