It’s alive! It’s alive!

This is my first official post (previously posted item doesn’t really count, as it’s more of a testing page).

Finally, I have my own blog. All thanks to Mr. Rizal, who has been very helpful, from registration process to installing WordPress on my host. I will try my best to keep the juice flowing, sharing and contributing back to community. Hope you guys will enjoy the site, as much as I enjoyed making ’em.

More post coming soon. So, stay tuned. 🙂

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Cool. Very cool. This theme is very nice. How many themes did you try before finally deciding this is the one?


Hahaha… I came to this theme after countless others, a lot of frustrating tries, and lost hours of sleep. As a beginner blogger, there’s one thing I’ve learned. The most difficult thing is not setting up your domain, not hosting, not installing blogger engine… but… choosing the freakin’ theme!


Well done. Yes that is correct that’s why I haven’t changed my theme for more than a year. It’s getting boring.

BTW I think your blog is not sending me emails even after I subscribed to this post. Weird. You may want to check it out later.

Good to have you join the club!


Testing email comments. Do you receive it now? Funny, in the readme.txt file mentioned:
–> “Users are never e-mailed notifications for their own comments. (important that you know that for testing out the plugin)”.


True, I should never receive my own comments. However I should receive your reply:

“Hahaha… I came to this theme…”

BTW nope I still have not received replies.


Just testing the followup comment via email. Anybody receive the notification, could you please reply? Thx.


yes, it’s working fine. am able to receive update email
enhancement has been verified fixed in production


Hmmm… so it’s only me. I also don’t receive followup comments from dirn’s blog. And since you guys are coincidentally on the same server I think there is a problem sending to me.

I will just change the email address I use in your blogs.


@ady: Is there any we can check on our side (from the control panel, etc..)?
@fadzli, @dirn: Weii.. Macam ClearQuest ticket la plak..hahaha 😀


@nazham: I am not sure whether you can check through cpanel. This can either be a problem of (1) DNS where your server can’t resolve the MX record for my domain (2) routing problem from your server to my server.

That’s 2 I can think of. But since it’s only effecting my domain and I am the only one using email from that domain it’s not worth it for you to spend time to check (unless someone else using their own domain is having problems). I appreciate the willingness to troubleshoot, though. Thanks.

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