.NET web dev landscape – past and present

Around twelve years ago, the .NET web-based tech stack was most definitely ASP.NET Web Forms, and maybe ASMX web services. A few years after that came WCF and its associated SOAP, XML, and endpoint configuration madness. Silverlight made a brief hyped-up appearance then disappeared. Then came ASP.NET MVC, with Stack Overflow being its very successful poster boy.

Nowadays, interestingly, AngularJS (with Bootstrap, of course), has become part of the .NET web dev landscape. It doesn’t hurt that it interoperates very well with both ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Web API. More and more, the cool stuff is being done in JS, with C# being relegated to mere data retrieval.

I think that once it becomes easy and straightforward for Node.js to connect to SQL Server, with internet tutorials everywhere, things could start looking very different at the back end as well.

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