New User Experience

Finally released with a new theme. I kinda hate the old theme, just that I have no time to make any changes. The name of this new theme can be found at the footer of this site. Below are some of the changes:

  • The site are more focused on content.
  • It only display excerpts on the main page and rss feeds, instead of the whole content.
  • Clean minimalist look.

Tell me what you think.

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  1. nice and clean. it load fast…

  2. Thanks for the feedback :)

  3. your user icon didnt appear.
    minimalist… the apple way.. yearghhh… i like

  4. Memang takde image langsung ke? Letak la epal sebijik :-)

  5. @Fadzli: User icon in the comments?
    @Ady: Image ada.. tu.. kat advertisement tuh. Letak epal tak buleh, nanti kena saman. Aku nak letak buah kedondong.

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