Twitux and gTwitter: Twitter Clients for Ubuntu Linux

Following my previous post on Twitter, I’ve just beginning to get involved with Twitter.
Below are a couple of Twitter clients that I’ve used in Ubuntu:

A Twitter client for GNOME.
Twitux is a lightweight client for the twitter messaging service, featuring time-line auto updating, a tray area icon and notification of new messages.


Client for tracking and posting to twitter.
gTwitter is a client for posting and fetching updates to the twitter service.


Installation is available through Synaptic Package Manager. Just do a search for the application name, twitux or gtwitter.

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  1. i’m still prefer twitterfox..its a plugins for firefox :)

  2. Haven’t tried that one yet :)

  3. Twitux is nice, but it is quite the resource hog.

    I just use the Twitter plugin for Pidgin.

  4. Twitter plugin for pidgin, hmmm… gotta try that one. Thanks.

  5. i love to Twitter my day to day activities to my friends and followers. Twitter is much better than blogging because it is direct to the point and does not require you to type so many unnecessary words.


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