Pretty Looking STC Livebox Router

Usually router looks ugly. They’re boxy looking and has only monochromatic color with a splash of black. But a few days ago I stumbled upon a fellow blogger’s post (credit to Pinoy Web Surfer), about a prettiest router round. Check out the design below.

The router, STC Livebox Router, is from Saudi Telecom.

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  1. hahah..cantik..takde la bosan tgk..bole jadik perhiasan tue…

  2. I wonder if we can pour water inside the “vase”.

  3. tak guna kalau router jer cantik…tp STC nyer line macam sampah..banyak giler problem ngan leased line dia… aku byk guna saudi telecom kt area dia cam sial !

  4. Hahaha… hope my grandma doesn’t think that as an actual “vase”. If not, then she pours water inside, smoke comes out :D

  5. Sometimes, looks does matter….though the services might be sucks as mentioned by “|1f34|-|1r3″ but they have won the first impression…

  6. I am more interested in Nazham’s comment. His grandma’s home has a broadband connection. Cool. Cyber-granny.

  7. Wow thats very interesting, might make a good christmas gift :)

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