Save MySQL Output to a Text File

I have just found out a nifty little trick regarding MySQL output the other day. I just had to put this up as a reminder to myself, and also to share with the viewers.

Let say, you want to have the output of your SELECT statement created to a text file. The MySQL database server could be sitting on a different box (or the same machine, but that doesn’t really matter). All you have to do is issue a command in your terminal:

echo "select * from MyTable" | mysql -h mydatabaseserver -u myusername -pmypassword mydatabase > output.txt

That’s it! Just replace the <MyTable>to your table of choice (or just replace the whole SELECT statement to suit your needs), <mydatabaseserver> to your database server name, <myusername> to your database user name, <mypassword> to your password, and <mydatabase> to your database.
The piping ‘>’ will redirect your output to a text file on your desired location.

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