HTTP Request using cURL for Windows

There’s a variety of ways to perform http request without using your web browser, i.e. using your command prompt. We could use wget for most major Linux distributions, but what about Windows? Recently I’ve found out that cURL might get the job done.

cURL is a command line tool for transferring files with URL syntax. It is free and open source software. One of the use for cURL is to automate unattended file transfers. For example, automating file downloads or getting html output from sites, via a command prompt, a batch file or scheduled job. It is also a good tool for simulating a user’s actions at a web browser, thus a very good tool to perform web application tests.

How to use cURL:

1. Download cURL. Select appropriate version based on your OS.
2. Extract the zip file.
3. Place the “curl.exe” under your C:\WINDOWS directory.
4. Execute it directly from your command prompt:


You will see a bunch of http response coming out of your command prompt.

Output http response and save the page locally :
C:\>curl > mypage.html

Downloading using cURL:

HTTP Post using cURL:
C:\>curl -d "string_to_post"

There’s a lot more features for cURL, and the manual usage available here.