The 2000 Estima

Someone I know recently bought a second-generation 5-year-old “recon” 2.4L Toyota Estima for RM125,000.

Try looking out for it. There are a lot of Estimas on the road! You can see the first generation here and there, and a few people are rich enough to afford the 2006 model, but it’s very easy to spot the 2000 model.

I wonder why official distributors can’t bring in reconditioned previous-generation cars. Grey importers are certainly raking it in with the 2000 Estima.

First generation, 1990-2000:

1st generation Estima

Second generation, 2000-2005:

2nd generation Estima

Third generation, 2006-present:

3rd generation Estima

Model years and images from Wikipedia.