Cosmic Bowl Sucks

I’m going to re-blog what a friend of mine, ady has just put on his post on how terible Cosmic Bowl are. Just to emphasize on how bad things were over there.

The place: Cosmic Bowl, Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur
Review: SUCKS BIG TIME !! Avoid whenever possible.

We just had a bowling session last week, and what a dump the place was. The equipment malfunctioning all the time. There’s not much bowling ball weight to choose from. And whatever bowling ball they have, it was chipped and has a big hole on it!! (Not to mention all the problem ady has found out).

To the management, please improve your condition. The Malaysian consumer just had it with all this corporations and businesses who just keep thinking of the profit without giving much value to whatever we’ve paid for.

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Hehehehe…. Good way of letting the feedback. Hope the management takes necessary action to avoid further damage! 🙂

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