Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router Firmware Upgrade

Recently I have a problem where my wireless connection sometimes getting dropped. My Linksys WRT54G Wireless Router having intermittent reboot, especially when there’s a lot of connections, like when BitTorrent is running on one of my machine. I’ve figured out that maybe it’s time to upgrade my router’s firmware. The current version is the initial release version, 7.00.1. The latest firmware for WRT54G version 7 right now is 7.00.6.

The firmware upgrade process is very simple.

1. Download the latest firmware from Linksys website. For my case it’s here. Make sure you’re downloading the correct version for your router.

2. Go to the router’s GUI. It’s usually by opening with your web browser.

3. At the GUI, go to “Administration”, the to “Firmware Upgrade”.

4. Browse for the firmware file that you have downloaded, and then click “Upgrade”.

5. That’s it. Easy as pie. After the upgrade process completed, the router will reboots itself, and enjoy your new upgraded firmware.

Here’s the release note for version 7.00.6. It’s already been 1 hour since my upgrade process, the BitTorrent is running, and there’s no intermittent reboot or connection drops. Cool.