How To Share Media Between PlayStation 3 and Linux

A while ago I have posted on How To Share Media Between XBOX 360 and Linux. It also can be as easy with PlayStation 3 and Linux, with PS3 Media Server. Below are the steps that diablo 2 items suggests which can let you achieve that. Install necessary codex or media player: sudo apt-get install vlc […]

Pros and Cons of a Mac (Humor)

Found this gem the other day: What are the pros and cons of owning a Mac? Pros: A stable operating system that does not require expensive antivirus programs to continue running properly, easier to use than Linux (yes, it is, sorry Ubuntu fanboys I use both on a regular basis and the Mac causes far […]

New User Experience

Finally released with a new theme. I kinda hate the old theme, just that I have no time to make any changes. The name of this new theme can be found at the footer of this site. Below are some of the changes: The site are more focused on content. It only display excerpts on the […]