Pagoda and Edwin

I’m a great fan of the Pagoda T-shirt. I had some reservations at first, due to its old man image … but now I no longer care, simply because I am old heh heh …

Wearing it as an undershirt, sweat doesn’t show on your formal wear when it’s hot … and then the sweat that the Pagoda has absorbed cools you down.

Wearing it as a T-shirt at home, it’s like not wearing a shirt at all, because it’s so thin, but the advantages of wearing a shirt are still there, in that your skin doesn’t stick to the furniture, and the sweat doesn’t just trickle and roll down your body which is ticklish.

Unfortunately Pagoda T-shirts are not so easy to find, and they are quite dear at more than RM10 apiece. Fortunately there is an alternative: Edwin undershirts. The cutting and sizing scheme are the same, the only difference is the cloth. I can’t say which material is better though; it’s simply not the same type. Anyway I’ve tried both and they both achieve the same ends. It’s just a matter of feel, if one wants to be that particular (which I’m not).

In terms of price, Edwin undershirts are cheaper (less than RM10), and in terms of availability, they can be found at Giant. I do hope that Edwin continues to produce these T-shirts. I’m not partial to either, but I do welcome competition as the driver of quality and low price.