Pretty Looking STC Livebox Router

Usually router looks ugly. They’re boxy looking and has only monochromatic color with a splash of black. But a few days ago I stumbled upon a fellow blogger’s post (credit to Pinoy Web Surfer), about a prettiest router round. Check out the design below.

The router, STC Livebox Router, is from Saudi Telecom.

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tak guna kalau router jer cantik…tp STC nyer line macam sampah..banyak giler problem ngan leased line dia… aku byk guna saudi telecom kt area dia cam sial !


Hahaha… hope my grandma doesn’t think that as an actual “vase”. If not, then she pours water inside, smoke comes out 😀


Sometimes, looks does matter….though the services might be sucks as mentioned by “|1f34|-|1r3” but they have won the first impression…

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