GrNotify: Your Google Reader Feeds Notification

I’m addicted to my rss feeds. I go over the feeds for tech news, current affairs, friends blogs, and many more. However, I don’t want to go to each time want to find out what’s new. This is where desktop applications that provides Google Reader notifications comes in.

For Windows: We have Google Reader Notifier for Windows.

For Mac: There’s a desktop application by the same name, for Mac users.

Firefox Extension: There’s even a extension for it.

But what about Linux users?

Enter GrNotify

GrNotify is a simple Python written tray application that will allow you to know when there are new items in the Google Reader.

Here’s a screenshot:

GrNotify Screenshot
GrNotify Screenshot

Installation using Debian package:
Download the Debian package.
Open it either with dpkg using the gui or using the command line by entering the command:
sudo dpkg --install PACKAGE_NAME.deb
where PACKAGE_NAME is the name of the file.

Installation from source:
Go to the download page and download the latest .tar.gz source install package. Extract the package using the gui or by using the command line:
tar -xzvf PACKAGE_NAME.tar.gz
where PACKAGE_NAME is the name of the file.

Change the current directory to the extracted directory and install GrNotify by executing the following command:
sudo python ./

The program will then install itself into the right directories.

Running the app:
You can then execute the program by entering
in a terminal or program executer. I put the command on my startup session, so it will automatically started when I’m starting my Gnome.

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been using newsfire, not perfect but fit my need nicely.
unfortunately it’s only available for Mac OS X

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