Why get upset?

If you know what life is all about, maybe you won’t get too upset with the things that people do. Because life is human nature playing itself out; human beings being human beings. It’s about love and hate; generosity and greed; good and evil. So instead of expecting some ideal, just expect people to be people. Then you won’t get too upset.

But then, it’s human nature to get upset with the things that people do …

New RM50 very similar to RM1

This is a public service announcement.

At the toll plaza the other day, I handed over my money to the toll booth operator and waited for the boom to be raised. It was taking a bit too long so I glanced at the guy. He was hunched over the till, shuffling small pieces of paper; it then occurred to me that I had given him RM50.60 instead of RM1.60.

So please. Be careful when proffering money in the dark. Because of the similarity of the new RM50 note to the RM1 note, you might be giving more than you should.

Why 6-month-old babies are cool

For me, 6-month-old babies are the best. They’re universally cute; they can recognize you and smile at you; they laugh at the funny faces that you make; they can’t yet crawl around the house and pick up every object they find and put it in their mouth; they can’t throw a tantrum in the busiest aisle of the supermarket; they can’t climb/jump/play truant/run away from home/impregnate/get pregnant etc. So the question is – how to constantly have a 6-month-old in the house? Easy: continuously produce new 6-month-olds. If you really want to keep your skin as light and cute as their is you need to supplement with Peptides.