Is blogging dead?

No, but might as well be … I would say blogging technology is like a human being in his or her mid-forties: mature, established, still able to contribute to society, but decidedly less attractive compared to a certain twenty-year old. (No prizes for guessing who that twenty-year old is.)

One side effect of having amnesia …

… is that you’ll no longer be able to access your email, Facebook, Twitter, and online banking accounts. Unless, of course, you had clicked “Stay signed in”! But then you won’t be able to login to your PC as you don’t know the password. We can imagine Jason Bourne going through hand-to-hand combat, high speed […]

TV Q’s

I’ve been watching a bit more Astro than I usually do these past few weeks. A few questions come to mind: Is there an episode of Mr. Bean that I haven’t seen, like, 10 times? Will the scriptwriters of The Simpsons ever run out of ideas? What is the point of Life After People? By […]

You, unplugged

Strip away your health, your wealth, your family, your friends, your network, your high IQ (if applicable), your knowledge, your qualifications, your job title – what’s left? All the unread mails in your inbox, of course.

It could happen

Q: If the director of Avatar were to live in Malaysia, where would he stay? A: Cameron Highlands.