Favourite movie quotes

These are my favourite movie quotes, which I could rattle off, anytime:

1. “Adaptation, improvization; your weakness is not your technique.”

2. “I did not choose. I was born, and I am.”

3. “A sad commentary in and of itself.”

As a software developer I’m just waiting for the chance to say the first one during peer review, but so far, not yet. Or perhaps I keep forgetting to do so because my subconscious isn’t allowing me to look stupid. There were, however, a few occasions when I had the opportunity to say the second one – without exception, they were during the “death march” stage of projects in which my colleague and I would miserably ask ourselves how we ended up in the programming profession.

What are your favourite movie quotes, and have you ever used them in real life?

Is blogging dead?

No, but might as well be …

I would say blogging technology is like a human being in his or her mid-forties: mature, established, still able to contribute to society, but decidedly less attractive compared to a certain twenty-year old. (No prizes for guessing who that twenty-year old is.)